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Every business needs a disaster recovery plan in todays environment. We will work together to develop a comprehensive approach to regain access and functionality to the IT infrastructure in an event such as a natural disaster, cyber attack or any other business disruption. 

Key Aspects of an Essential Disaster Recovery Plan

  1.  A good disaster recovery team. You want the best on your side when a crisis hits as they are responsible for keeping your downtime to a minimum and everyone in communication.

  2. Risk Evaluation. The disaster recovery team will go to work identifying what has caused the business disruption and which method of recovery will get the business up and running the most quickly.

  3. Asset Identification. This critical aspect includes documentation of which systems and resources are most critical and steps to recover the data.

  4. Keep multiple methods of backups.

  5. Test and monitor the system to detect security breaches and continually update the strategy.

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